1. How much is event delivery? 
    For events that require a simple drop-off, we charge a moderate $20 delivery/set-up fee. We do not return to clean up the service area or remove refuse for this service. We also offer a buffet set-up for $50 per event which includes travel fees up to 20 miles out of Polk County, buffet set-up, two staff and service for up to two hours, clean up, and refuse disposal.

    For every event that is a destination of 20 miles out of Polk County (Salem area) we charge a nominal fee of $1 for every additional mile over the established 20 miles after that, up to 150 miles one-way. We do not do events that exceed a total travel distance of 300 miles. For instance, if your event was a travel distance of 100 miles one-way, the first 20 miles would be included in the $50 set-up fee and you would be charged for the remaining 80 miles, totaling $80. 

2. Are disposables included? 
    Yes, we include disposable plates, plastic cutlery, and 2-ply napkins. Cups as requested. 

3. Do you provide bar service? 
    No, we do not provide or serve alcohol. If you have questions about having alcohol at your event please contact us. We have worked with, and can make recommendations for several bar services. 

4. Is there a charge for having the food trailer at my event?
    Yes. For catering events, we do require a minimum fee of $800 in product and service sales for on-site events. This includes two hours of trailer fees ($100 per hour), event service, clean up, refuse disposal and $600 applied to food. Anything over two hours of actual service time will be charged a rate of $15 an hour per staff member and trailer fees accrue as well. 

For on site establishments, such as wineries and breweries, requesting us to be at an event for the sole purpose of individual vending for their guests or to sell food and services exclusively, we are at no obligation to create or build a specialty menu. You will be required to pay a minimum of $600 per day, prior to the event. In the event our sales fall below the amount of the minimum collected, we will reimburse you the amount of that day’s or day’s sales (if it’s more than one day, it will be collectively calculated and paid on the last day of service). In the event we exceed the total minimum paid, you will be reimbursed the full amount of your minimum charge. And of course we will happily supply you with a copy of our sales report(s) for verification.

5. Is a plated and served meal the same price as a buffet? 
    A plated and served meal is more expensive than a self service buffet as it requires labor at the event. Extra service staffing fees apply for plated meals and events with 100+ people and requiring more than 2 staff members.

6. Is a deposit required? 
    Upon full menu proposal agreement, we require 50% down. We will hold the date for a period of 7 days after the initial invoice is submitted. If a deposit is not paid within that time frame, we are not at liberty to hold the date you are requesting and you may risk losing that date. You do have the option of paying with a credit or debit card online when the invoice is submitted to you via email or you may mail us a check. We will send a receipt that the deposit has been paid if you choose to mail a check. After the deposit has been paid, the final balance must be paid 7 business days prior to the event and includes the final guest count. Refunds will not be given if the guest count decreases after the 7 day period.

7. Is gratuity included in the menu pricing?
    Yes. We charge an 18% gratuity based on your menu pricing. For instance, if you order $500 in food, your total with gratuity would be $590.

8. Are there labor charges? 
    When an event requires FUEL staff on site, there is a $15 per hour, per staff member labor charge past the first two hours of service (first two hours and two staff are included in the basic set-up fee of $50 and includes set-up and tear down times). 

9. What are rentals? 
     Rentals are anything needed besides food, serving equipment and disposable wares (which we provide) that is being requested. Rentals may include tables, chairs, china, linens, etc. and are charged in your invoice. 

10. How much notice do you need for a catered event? 
    We require a 7 day advance notice for catered events of 99 people or less, and 2 weeks advance notice for caterings of a 100 people or more. We may still be able to fulfill your catering needs on shorter notice, but reserve the right to add a 10% late notice fee to recover our additional costs. 

11. When do I need to get a final guest count to FUEL Mobile Kitchen? 
    Seven days prior to your event. Within those seven days we can accommodate reasonable         increases in attendance, but not allow reduction in attendance numbers. 

12. To save on the delivery fee, can I pick up the food? 
    Yes. If you agree to pick up the food the day of your event between 11:00am and 5:00pm. Your order will be accompanied with disposable serviceware and accompanied with flatware and napkins suited for your event size. Cups as requested.

13. Can we sample the food? 
    We would love to provide a small sampling at no cost, but only for those considering FUEL Mobile Kitchen as a serious candidate for their next catering event.

14. Will you help us procure food donations for our fundraiser? 
    Absolutely! FUEL is all about giving back to the community. We’ll even work with you on preparing food donations that you secure. 

15. Do you offer a non-profit discount? 
    We are always willing to work with other non-profit organizations to meet event needs on an individual basis. 

16. Do you cater on Sundays? 
    We cater seven days a week. However, we are closed on Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, and New Year’s Day.